Manual Boost Controllers – When Turbochargers Need to be Optimized

Serious car modders know how to squeeze every ounce of juice off their engines to get the optimum performance from their rides. And, while turbochargers can literally lit the road in lightning speeds, sometimes you need to learn to tame that raw power using a manual boost controller or some other mechanism that will help you regulate the boost levels of your vehicle. The thing is, if your engine cannot keep up with the raw power provided by your turbochargers then you will never really be able to enjoy the thrill of burning the tracks.manual_boost

Car enthusiasts look at the boost controller as an important device to regulate the raw power of turbocharged engines. And if you have a Subaru Impreza that you are planning on ramping up with performance WRX or STI parts or even a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, a Citroen DS3, or even a Ford Focus RS, then you simply will need to make sure that you are able to take full control of the monster power underneath your hood.

Your turbo depends on the efficient and sufficient flow of exhaust gases coming from your engine. Unfortunately, turbochargers often provide the boost even when exhaust flow has not peaked yet. This means that once turbochargers are spinning, they can only accelerate and continue on creating more boost that what your engine was designed to handle. As such, wastegates are built to tame this raw power that effectively limits the boost of the turbocharger.

Now if you want to unleash this raw power while still retaining full control of your vehicle’s performance, you need a manual boost controller to take control of the wastegate. Manual boost controllers work by diverting the flow of exhaust away from the wastegate. In most cases, it is like fooling the wastegate into believing that the correct pressure has not yet been attained. This allows the turbochargers to spin at a significantly greater speeds to create greater power and more boost.

If you are going to ask your favorite dealer of automotive performance parts in Sydney, you will see that manual boost controllers are more like your water valve. If you need more water, you just have to open the valve; less water, then close it. The same thing happens in manual boost controllers. They have boost controller ports or dials that you can turn to create the kind of boost performance you require.

Installing a manual boost controller is an excellent and inexpensive way to optimize the true power of the beast under your hood.

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