Achieving a Clean and Well-Maintained Roof

Having a roof over one’s head is one of man’s most basic needs. In fact, it is so vital that they always are maintained to keep the inhabitants, as well as assets and property, safe from rain, sun and the other elements. This can be achieved through regular roof cleaning and painting.

maintained_roof1Because of its complexity and importance, this maintenance work is not something that non-professionals should attempt to do-it-yourself. A small damage that goes unnoticed and left unrepaired can easily lead to major loss, making an expensive roof restoration necessary.

Regular checks and maintenance should be done by roof specialists, especially after many years. They come and assess the status, as well as advise homeowners on what they need to do. It can be any of the following:

Clearing up and reinforcing with new coats of paint

Roof cleaning and painting is more than just for aesthetic reasons, though most visitors can easily see if your roof is unkempt and dirty. They can, over the years, be covered in moss, lichen or algae, which can also quickly spread. Though they do not damage the roof tiles, their presence can make them more porous over time. At the same time, moss can accumulate in rain channels leading to poor drainage and overflowing in your gutters.

The water then runs down the walls, leading to even more problems. A roof cleaning company will know how to deal with them professionally.

On the other hand, putting on a new layer of paint can protect your roof for the next 10 years, especially when you use high-quality paint that is resistant to rain, extreme temperatures, and UV rays. Sometimes, there is even no need for restoring, sometimes some fresh coats can make it look fresh and reinforce it for many years to come.

Repairing leaks

Sometimes, tiles get breached and they start to let some water in. If you hear some tapping noises when it’s raining, or see some brown stains or simply feel your house is becoming damper than usual, you might have some damage that should be repaired as quickly as possible.


As may be the case with older properties, it might be time to completely renew old tiles and at the same time, replace gutters, pipes and others.

Of course, through regular roof cleaning and painting, the need for full replacement might be delayed for many more years. Therefore, taking good care of your roof is not just vital; it may also save you a lot of money down the road.

Many households would usually think roof-cleaning, painting and maintenance is a non-skilled task. But we say, think again as it is not. Always consider the skilled on this field than feel sorry after. Go for

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