What a Foreign Tourist Should Know Before Setting Foot in Dubai

This is a guide for those who intend to travel to Dubai. It is important that tourists familiarize themselves with the laws in Dubai.What-to-do-and-not-do-in-Dubai-Dos-and-Donts

Alcohol drinking can only be done by people 21 years and older. Drinking and getting drunk out in public places is punishable by law. It is best that travelers only drink inside their hotels.

Being PDA with your special someone in public will surely lead to arrest. No kissing, not even holding your special someone’s hand is allowed.

Pre-marital and extra-marital sex acts is punishable by the law as is acts of homosexuality both by men and women.

Cursing and bad body gestures (like giving the finger) are all subject to arrest and are considered acts of crime in Dubai.

Swimsuits are only allowed at the beaches but are never allowed elsewhere. Even when in the beach, the swimwear must still be conservatively designed. Nudity is definitely a big no in Dubai and can be punishable by law.

Smoking is definitely prohibited in the city. Travelers who get arrested are made to pay a steep fine for this act.

Women’s clothing. There are strict rules when it comes to women’s clothing. Tight clothing is not allowed. As are see through, pants and skirts hems that are hanging above their knees. Their shoulders, back and stomach must always be covered when in public places. Men are required to wear at least in t-shirts. When men wear shorts, this could attract another type of attraction outside of women.

With regards to conversing with the women, men are not allowed to press their chances. If a woman says ‘no’, the men should automatically respect that. Men are not allowed to stare at women’s eyes for a long time. This will definitely have consequences as it is considered an act of harassment.

When taking a photograph of women, men must first ask their permission before doing so. If not, this could be classified as an act of harassment.

Observance of Ramadan. Non-Muslims are required to observe Ramadan by not eating and drinking in front of Muslims during the daytime hours.

When it comes to medication, be aware that a good number of medication legal in Australia or in other countries may not be allowed in Dubai. As for illegal drugs, the city of Dubai puts an iron hand on this type of illegal act. Using or/and selling of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and may be punishable by death.

Australian Visa Requirements. There are no pre-arranged visa requirements for Australian travelers. Visa’s can be simply stamped on their passports upon arrival at the airport granting a thirty day visit.

The weather in Dubai is extremely hot in Summer and very cold in Winter. It is not a walk-friendly city thus travelers are advised to put a budget on taxi fares. It is best to cross roads near traffic lights because there are no pedestrian lights around the city.

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