About Us

about-dubaiAbout Dubai is for the traveler intending to visit the wonderful city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Our site is dedicated to showcase what this modern city has to offer particularly to Australian travelers. The spots to visit are all represented in this site. All the wonderful things that one can do and entertain themselves are found in this informative and educational website. We offer information regarding where to stay, where to eat, what are the places of interest in Dubai and where to buy the cheapest of all bargains. This is what we are, this is what we do – we offer everything about Dubai that any traveler would want to know about.  Even how to get a Visa and some of the basic laws in Dubai are all in here.

Our contributors

We have contributors who work with us regarding all types of information about Dubai. Our contributors provide our website visitors all the ins and outs of Dubai when it comes to shopping. They all look for the best spots for the best buys like the modern malls and of course, what Dubai shopping is known for – the Souks. Which are the markets or bazaars where travelers shop for bargains. They also give us information on the best tasting food that Dubai offers from the utmost in fine dining to the cheapest treats in street food. Accommodations are described to its very minute details by our writers. Our contributors have first hand experiences in what Dubai has to offer concerning board and lodging. Dubai has accommodations of extreme proportions. Our contributors have the low down on the most expensive and ultimate accommodation the world has known, The Burj Al-Arab. We also have a list of the cheapest rooms in the city for the budget conscious traveler.

And of course, what is a travel website if it does not have information on the best tourists’ spots around. In Dubai, our contributors have handed us the things a traveler needs to know regarding points of interests.

What to expect in the future

The fact that we never stop gathering information about all these and more about Dubai, our visitors should expect something new every now and then from us. In the future, we will be including more information about its people, culture, traditions, and why the rich love to spend their fun times in Dubai.  It seems that Dubai has not stopped building more fabulous infrastructure and very tall buildings and surely, with this fact, Dubai’s face will keep on changing.  And as it changes, we will always keep in step with every bit of information about these developments and offer each of these to our visitors.

This is what we are about. Whatever you need to know about the modern city of Dubai, we have it here for you.

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